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The Science of the Second tier


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The Science of the 21st Century

There is a huge shift taking place in the world.  It is not highly visible yet, but this site is intended as a part of that change, which we believe is the biggest that humanity has witnessed for a long time.  Science has progressed materially, but is now reaching the boundaries of its approach and ill-equipped to solve the side-effects that it has produced

There have been many material changes, the industrial revolution and the rise of global communications for example, but it is a long time since any major changes to our deeper understanding of reality or to our spiritual thinking.  Despite their apparent conflicts, all the major religions have similar models, with external deities, priestly authorities and an expectation that these leaders will have followers.

Against this background, a quite revolution is underway, in which a small subculture of empowered individuals, forming direct relationships with their personal experience of “divinity” are working with wide ranges of alternative healing, mysticism, shamanism, developing intuition and personal growth under a holistic agenda that demonstrates a remarkable blend of diversity in commonality.  They are supported by a small but powerful minority of scientists and thinkers.

Our work is intended as a contribution to this new world, in the belief that a spiritual change and a new relationship with our planet are essential if the worlds other ills - economic, ecological and political - are to be tackled successfully.   Juliana’s healing work and spiritual teaching, Jon’s work with organisational development, with personal expansion and towards a fundamental re-alignment of scientific thinking are our efforts in support of this human collective change.

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