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Jon Freeman


Besides writing leading-edge books, I practice as an Organisational Development mentor, facilitating the changes organisations must make to adapt to our complex and unpredictable world.

I am also a personal and leadership development coach supporting individuals to increase their capacity to navigate the decision-making that is increasingly essential for personal and organisational well-being.

I provide trainings in the toolkits that the 21st Century will demand such as Spiral Dynamics integral and SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence.

I am available to speak publicly, on “Reinventing Capitalism and “The Science of Possibility” and on the future that organisations are facing.   A range of workshops, webinars and videos to support all of these areas are in development.  More details will be found on www.jonfreeman.co.uk .

For the avoidance of confusion:- while Juliana and I are no longer married, we continue to live and work very closely and supportively together.  

Juliana Freeman

I facilitate transformational change and enable you to go beyond limitations and into increased expansion and possibility. I am skilled at getting to the core of whatever might be blocking your progress. What else is possible for you? What would it take for you to bring all of your gifts and talents to the fore as a contribution to others and to this planet?

I offer online programs to assist you in unlocking your limitations and to finding your greatest talents, gifts and capacities. With over 35 years of experience in the healing and consciousness fields I can adapt my tools and skills to suit your needs.

I also work with the constellation field and facilitate individuals and groups to release ancestral trauma or burdens. I teach Access Bars and body processes and offer individual sessions to release whatever is preventing your fullest expression and happiness.

I co-lead journeys with Yvonne Cormier to the sacred temples and land of Malta each Spring to facilitate deep connections to these ancient sites and to re-awaken your own ancient memories and wisdoms. Click here for more details
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"If you have not read Jon Freeman's new book I strongly suggest you do so. You will be aware of his deep and coherent insights, range of dealing with today's complex worlds, and unique ability to identify many of the dots that most of us miss."