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God's Ecology
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The Science of the Second tier


New View      Brian Goodwin

The Science of the 21st Century

God’s Ecology and the Dawkins Challenge depicts the biggest shift in our understanding of reality since the days of Galileo and Newton and shows the shape that 21st century science will take on.  The complete focus on matter has prevented science from properly understanding how the world works.

God’s Ecology” responds to the criticisms which are regularly made of religious belief, spiritual experience and holistic energy-based healing practices that they all lack any scientific basis.   The answer it gives provides a theoretical structure for spirituality, supported by up-to-date scientific theory and experimental evidence drawn from physics, biology, neuro-endocrine chemistry and developmental genetics.   It places these in a context that examines the nature of reality, perception, shamanistic experience and intuition and is further underpinned by strong experimental data that validates psychic detection, psychokinesis, plant communication and homeopathic medicine.

Behind these objective features are personal experiences, some quoted from authoritative experts in their fields, and some based on the direct experiences of the authors in the fields of healing, shamanism, intuition and personal skills development.   There is also an overarching philosophical view that presents a fresh view of how human beings understand what is “real”, giving a new and healthy context for approaches to live issues such as ecology, economy and socio-political attitudes, as well as exposing the weaknesses in scientific methodology which have caused it to ignore and dismiss important data.

The whole is a rich mix of data, theory and story.   Despite the breadth of its scope, it is personal and readable and although the material is complex, threads are woven with clarity and lightened with humour.   The picture that emerges brings scientific and spiritual views of the world into alignment and ends a long-term conflict which has damaged both, and which has caused many people to feel they must choose between two worlds.  The resolution brings connectedness and empowerment, within an inspiring new view of who we all truly are.

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