7-stage Parenting

7-stage Parenting

“How to avoid messing up your children, have more fun and less stress as a parent, and adapt to the changing person your child is as they grow up"

Your child changes and develops.  That much is obvious, but how does their psychology change, and what do they need at different times? 

There are seven identifiable stages from infancy to adulthood.  Each of them calls for a different kind of parenting.

This book describes their journey and the one that you take with them.  Based on a well-established theory of psychological development, it is an invaluable guide that helps you be the parent that your child needs. 

The book also encourages you to sense and connect with your child's uniqueness.  There are no rules or prescriptions.  Instead there is a map and a compass to guide you, and encouragement to trust your connection and your instincts. 

This is the guide that I wish I had had 40 years ago.  I hope that you find it helpful and that you enjoy your parenting experience.

The book is available in three forms; as an ebook, as an audiobook narrated by me and as a hardback purchased via Amazon.

I have, over the years, developed the highest level of respect for the insights Jon Freeman has demonstrated regarding Spiral Dynamics and its myriad of applications.  In fact he has been able to go deeper and broader than anyone else …..  
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22 February 2018


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"If you have not read Jon Freeman's new book I strongly suggest you do so. You will be aware of his deep and coherent insights, range of dealing with today's complex worlds, and unique ability to identify many of the dots that most of us miss."